Friday, June 10, 2011

revamped website for an artist buddy....

Hey, if you dig the "car-toon" style art that has been all the rage for some time now, you need to check out Sasquatch Artworks, by clicking                     HERE    

Robs a good kulture homegrown artist. check out his work! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

yes, yes, yes... FUCK YES!

Nuff said. 

a radio show?

Although there is a link here on the page for the radio show that I do, (Friction in the Static) I hardly ever mention it here when I do updates, or upload a new show, which frankly happens with startling regularity. In fact, these days Im doing not one but TWO shows a week. Friction, dedicated to kustom kulture, and all the things associated with that AND friction in the static special edition;Diehards, a podcast home companion.  The second show, which for now, shares the feed, page and, bandwidth with friction concerns itself with all the stuff going on right now with the tv show project.  Eventually, Diehards will get its own page, and site. but for now your podcasting cup runneth over. click HERE to listen to the new show. Episode 4 just went up yesterday. 

New Friction every Tuesday
New Diehards every Thursday

iTunes carries us, so feel free to hit the subscribe button. So we know SOMEONE is listening. hahaha!