Friday, July 30, 2010

Aint that the truth......

Also applies to: just cause you have bondo doesn't mean you can do bodywork, just cause you have a recip saw dosen't mean you can chop a car, just cause you have tools doesn't mean you build shit....... the list goes on and on, and you no doubt are getting the point. 
This particularly cool piece of art is from a friend named Joey Finz. Take a second and go visit his site, he's a pretty cool kulture artist. 
click HERE to check him out. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vintage pinup update week of July 26 2010

given the amount of time that I spent in the "old" days doing all the updates and research just for the pinup section of the site, doing these weekly (or so ) pinup postings just seems so much easier now that all the work is done before hand. 
In anycase, look - its still damn hard making the decisions as to WHICH pinups get the call each week, so its not all fun and games......There are literally thousands of files to look through........ picture after picture of beautiful women, half naked and, posed oh so suggestively. You have any idea how hard it is to run a computer and do updates using only one hand? 
Well, Im out of Jergens and here are the gals that made the cut this week.
Dig on em, and lets hope we have a better week than last, when we lost Larry. 
I STILL have some really cool new posting to put up. Maybe this week I get the chance. There is a theme this week, lets see if you can spot it. 

NEW FEATURES on the blog -

You may notice that there are some new features on the blog starting today, but retro active on ALL posts. first off, you have the option now to click a few buttons and do cool stuff with the posts that I put up here.
There is an email link, and buttons to share this crap on your favorite social media sites like FaceBook, or Twitter, or whatever.
THEN I have added a quick reaction bar, so that with the click of mouse you can "rate" the posts that I throw up here. Kinda like a "like" button on FB but with more options and better thought out, with more options.
I did this because it makes the site I think, more interactive with less hassle. You have, now, other options than having to log into an account simply to leave a comment. Or having to highlight your url bar and copy and paste a particular post addy into an email to share it. NOPE those horribly outmoded days are long gone bros.....those days are over for EVER!
Feel free to take full advantage of this stuff. And, rest assured, Ill be ignoring you guys in all kinda new and exciting ways - ha ha ha!!t

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Larry Watson, RIP July 20 2010

Very sad news today, as I found out immediately after returning from lunch that a friend and legend had passed away. Larry Watson succumbed to his illness and lost the battle for life today. 
I drew so much inspiration from this man. 
The world is a darker place today, as the world of Kustoms, TRUE kustoms has suffered a loss of almost incalculable measure. 
Rest In Peace bro, you will be missed.

Vintage pinup update week of July 19 2010

Well, between me being gone all day, working down at Small City Cycles with Assid - and the fact that Qwest (my ISP) has found it seemingly TOTALLY impossible to maintain a decent DSL line for more than a 24 hour period at any one time, the pinup update is a day or so late. But, never fear - here they are, fresh from the spank bank........ uh, er, I mean, uh- ARCHIVES, fresh from the archives, here is your weekly bevy of bonerific beauties.

That is it for now, but check back later in the week. Got some more updates planned for ya! 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mobil blog update

this is my first attempt to do a mobil blog update, from the iPhone.
No pinup update today, Im down at Small City Cycles with Assid, helping
with some welding.......... here take a look for yourself.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vintage pinup update week of July 12 2010

I fucking HATE high school reunions! The concept is what, Im going to take time out of my life to hang out in a smelly fucking gym with a bunch of cock sucking, mouth breathing retards who are all there to lie to each other about how cool they used to be and how well they are doing now a days. Yeah, thanx, PASS! I hated those fuckers in those days, I dont give two shits about em now. 
What does all that have to do with Vintage naked pinup girls? not much. Except to say that one or two of the girls in this weeks update used to be on the inside of my locker door. -Basically, one of the only things that made me not want to eat a bullet by 3rd period english. ( BTW hey mrs doyle, fuck off! ) Anyway, Im going to my happy place now, to chill out. while Im away you guys enjoy the goodness. Laytuh!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ready to race! cool pix from the day....

Came across these cool pics recently, and wanted to share the goodness. Now, tell me again - whats the attraction to rat rods?!

Oh, right.... there isnt any cause rat rods SUCK!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Vintage weekly pinup update July5th 2010

Although it may be a holiday for the rest of the country, never fear - cause we are at our desks, working and slaving away hour after hour, pouring through old hard drives, seeking only the finest and most titillating photos for your consideration and viewing pleasure for this weeks pinup update!
Ok, the truth? Im sitting here, having slept till nearly noon, in sweats. I have a half drunk cup of coffee and Im most likely going back to bed as soon as I can rub the sleep outta my eyes and click on whatever random shit comes up in the "vintagepinupsoldwebite" file to upload as soon as I get done typing this.
Happy Bday America! for a 234 year old, you dont look a day over 150.
Now, onto the chicas.......

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fiberglass ?

Last night we recorded episode 20 of our podcast, - Friction in the static. And Ive been thinking about part of the discussion we had, that dealt with an editorial from Rob Fortier, of Rod and Custom magazine.  
In short, he states that he has come round, (for a variety of reasons) in his thinking about using a fiberglass body for a project car. Previously, he would have recoiled in horror at such a thought. But now, although he stops just short of an outright embrace of the concept, he is seriously considering using just such a body for a new build he wants to do. 
Now, the virtual choir of decent(ers) that is sure to make their vocal presence known not withstanding, I have to say I dont think this is a horrible idea. Certainly using steel is in my book always preferable, but given this day and age who of us can afford to spend the THOUSANDS of dollars for something like this:

Go to Brookville, and be prepared to cut a check for upwards of 10 grand or more. And just forget trying to find an original car. You dont have enough body parts or children to sell to afford something like that.

No. Look - there is a historical precedent already in place to make a traditional argument stick with regards the use of fiberglass. I speak of course of Ed "big daddy" Roth. 
You think half the cars he constructed could have been built (even today) out of steel? I suppose so, but its certainly not practical. Ed realized that to do the kind of outlandish crazy type of cars he wanted to do he needed to work in a medium that would allow him the creative latitude to build say, an Orbitron.

If you ask me, apart from the problems with some companies short cutting the fit and finish of their molds, using fiberglass isnt just "ok" in todays world. Its damn near a necessity.  
End of the day, Id rather see 10 glass (hot rod) cars than one more tuner turd, or donk dickhead roll past the shop. Anyway, enough of that, Im burning perfectly good porn surfing time! Later amigos!