Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New episode (81) of my radio show is up and ready!

Episode 81 of friction in the static is up and ready to go. This week, I interview an award winning motorcycle builder, visit his website by clicking here


Monday, September 19, 2011

Kia, seriously.... lets talk -

Kia, ( which when you think about it is the acronym the military uses for Killed In Action ) has GOT to be kidding with these incipient and absurd hip hop hamster ads.  I don't know which advertising agency populated by a bunch of Don Drapper wanna be's came up with the garbage, but trust me... no one with more that 2 working brain cells is watching a bunch of cg (or worse actual idiots in costume) urbanly fabulous basketball throwing, hip hop dancing rodents and thinking, "yeah, I do want to drive a shitty looking car that resembles a toaster" Who the hell would identify with that?! 

Have I missed something? Do hamsters posses some heretofore unknown street cred that I was blissfully unaware of till now? Does Snoop Dog in fact have a giant golden hamster necklace that he sports to his nightly haunts? Thats fresh, dog. . . No wait, thats fresh..... HAM?!  

The simple fact of the matter is, Kia doesn't have a fucking clue. From their name on down.  Look, this isn't a blanket indictment of a company that builds moderately priced econobox crap cans that will most likely be six pack of coke and jiffy pop container in 10 years ( I'm certain there is going to be NO aftermarket parts swelling in a couple of decades for new quarter panels, or interior parts for the restoration crowd. These things were bad enough the first time around, NO ONE is going to want to restore one and hand it down to their kids for craaasits sake) But, what I am saying is that even when they try to target a segment of the population they miss by a mile. And, for the most part I wouldn't give two shits, but at some point I stumble across one of these ads on the boob tube, and it makes we wanna drop kick puppies into freeway traffic. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

 GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS... The pinup above is a girl named Lisa, who I had the opportunity to shoot for VARLA magazine, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2001 or so. The girl below - well, if you don't know her, submit yourself for drug testing immediately. 

Random shot of a girl, I took whose name I forget.. but whose cleavage will live with me forever.