Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vintage Pinup Update for the week of March 14 2011

Sorry I have been fallin behind on fresh pictures of behind... if ya know what I mean! Well, never fear, here are a few interweb cuties to keep your hands busy until I get more news to you about the TV show.
Take it easy on the jergens, will ya?! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Its time...... here it is!

Ok guys, here it is. The teaser trailer that Ive been working on, writting about and boring your ass off with for the last few weeks. hahahaha! Feel free to leave comments or feedback. 
Anyway, hit the play button, and enjoy! 

Diehards: Teaser Trailer from Tinys Kustoms on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well, that's it. Noting to do now, but wait....

Its a little like Christams morning around here today. You know, the part of the late night / early morning where you have set out the presents for the kids, but they are still sleeping and have no idea what's about to happen.
Everything is wrapped up, and ready to go, you've done the best you can, and hopefully you got everything on the shopping list that everyone wanted.  All that remains now is for the kids to wake up, rush downstairs and tear open thier packages. 

The trailer is DONE.  Has been since friday afternoon.  Its uploaded and ready to be viewed.  Although a select few friends and family have had the opportunity to view it early over this weekend, Tomorrow  (monday 3.7.2011) everyone gets to get in on the fun.  

Roughly 5 months ago, I made the decision to try to change things -hopefully for the better- on television. To try to provide something that, frankly, doesnt suck.  6 weeks ago I traveled to Portland, and for a week worked my ass off with my director of photography and co-producer, Travis Haight to shoot this thing, and get it right. 

a month or so of editing, with the exception of a couple small hickups, (that if you have been keeing up on my notes and posts you already know the story of)... and wham-o! I have someting you guys can watch. 

Now, lets take a moment to discuss what you are about to see..........................

First and foremost, what you see isnt "exactly" what the finished TV show concept is.  I dont want to give away what I think is a million dollar idea to someone who has deeper pockets and a faster track to a network, thus beating me out of my own show. So what you will see is not really what ultimately, Im going to provide.  It should, however, be close enough to at least get your interest. 

Nevertheless once I started editing, the challenge became, how do you show people what you got without giving the show away. Hopefully, I have provided that with the teaser. 
I think there is enough "meat" there to get a good idea of what Ive been up too, without me givin' away all my tricks. 

One things for sure, its been a very interesting and intense 5 months.  Im looking forward now, to taking the next steps and actually bringing the show to life, every week, on a network and online, to try to reach as many folks, friends, and fellow kulture freaks as possible. 

My notes will continue here, as the process unfolds and we get news and go forward together, forward to a time when, with luck, when someone mentions "cars" and "tv show" in the same sentence, your immediate reacation isnt one of disgust, or ambivilance. 

Thank you to all my friends, associates and, family... non of this would have been possible with you! 
(ps if it sux, and no one likes it Im totally blaming you guys) HA HA! 

-ps: thanks to dita von teese for taking this picture, and putting on the internet so I can steal it and use it. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Notes from the editing suite... less is more.

Less is more" - I dont know who it was that first said that, or what the lineage of that phrase is.  But certainly it applies to a kid with a dream in his heart and 140 gigs of video that shows up at a state of the art editing facility.  
Let me explain......

What I mean by that is that less is more, when it comes to using all the gee whiz, really cool, whiz-bang editing tools that become your domain once you sit down to a modern day non linear editing machine. 
Naturally, I want the show to impress, I want people to like it.  And frankly, Id like nothing more than to use EVERY SINGLE tool in the tool box that is at my disposal. OH! look at that cool wipe! holy crap, check out this dissolve!  I can do insane effects, and load this thing up with every transition and coffee house aft fag trick I can think of.  But at the end of the day, what do you have? You've sacrificed content for bullshit.  And as we all know, there are PLENTY of people doing that already. No, I want the content to be king.  The time and place to go crazy is in the nuts and bolts of the creativity of the thing to begin with.  Before you take the lens cap off, you should have a clear idea in your own mind what the fuck it is your going to show people. Let your core morality drive the camera.  To rely on, or overuse the editing equipment is to sell the end user (you) short.  I might just as well go to work for the friggin discovery channel, or Speed, and start churning out the same regurgitated, over used horrid garbage they have so expertly shown us, ad nausium, they are capable of creating.  -quick side note here, even IF I was to do that, I guarantee you I'd still do a better job at it then those jerknecks do.

The other side of the coin, or danger, is to not use ANY effects, or have no production value. Ala our buddy and resident short bus driver "rat rod ricky" and his insanely bad rat rod tv. ( Honestly in a day and age where someone just shot an entire feature movie using only iPhones, why is someone not slapping the shit outta this idiot for even thinking he can make a program - that in the end is only marginally better than being told by your family physician that you have full blown aids?!) 
But I digress. 

No, the art here is to strike a balance of utility with expression.  To judiciously use what you have up your sleeve to help tell your story, not to allow it to dominate the thing to the exclusion of all else. (think back to star wars 1, 2, and 3).  And that, more than anything else is what I find myself struggling with these days. Granted I'm a bit star struck with the technology.  But I promise no Jar Jar in anything I do, EVER. 

My point is, ultimately the show will stand or fall on its own merits.  In its purest form I only want to show you guys how I see things.  There is so much that is insanely cool with our kulture, and so many guys who are actually doing it right that deserve to be seen and rewarded for their efforts.  The guys that the TV producers insist on useing, are so over used they might as well be a jizz rag in a hookers bedroom in a mining camp on payday. ( Honestly if I never see Chip "everything I paint is two tone" Foose again, it will be tooooooooo soon).  There is an entire world of kewl out there.  Ill be damned, no matter how great the temptation may be, if Im going to clutter up the scenery or get in the way of the story with a bunch of extraneous George Lucas type effects.  The story is enough. I just want you to see this stuff in all the beauty that I get to every day. 

So where are we today?  Work continues in the editing studio.  As bad as I want to rush through this and show you guys something sooner as opposed to later, I have to remind myself that I dont want to rush things. So patience my friends, I promise, it will be rewarded.  This week we did some "pick up" shots on monday, grabbing some real quick footage that I needed that we didnt get in PDX. Today and tomorrow are meetings all day and Im back at the desk on thursday and friday.  Of a roughly 2 min. teaser that I want to show you guys, I have at this point, 1 min. and 5 seconds DONE.  VO work in the sound booth continues as well. Its all coming together.  And hopefully it will be something you guys dig!