Monday, July 26, 2010

Vintage pinup update week of July 26 2010

given the amount of time that I spent in the "old" days doing all the updates and research just for the pinup section of the site, doing these weekly (or so ) pinup postings just seems so much easier now that all the work is done before hand. 
In anycase, look - its still damn hard making the decisions as to WHICH pinups get the call each week, so its not all fun and games......There are literally thousands of files to look through........ picture after picture of beautiful women, half naked and, posed oh so suggestively. You have any idea how hard it is to run a computer and do updates using only one hand? 
Well, Im out of Jergens and here are the gals that made the cut this week.
Dig on em, and lets hope we have a better week than last, when we lost Larry. 
I STILL have some really cool new posting to put up. Maybe this week I get the chance. There is a theme this week, lets see if you can spot it. 

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