Monday, July 26, 2010

NEW FEATURES on the blog -

You may notice that there are some new features on the blog starting today, but retro active on ALL posts. first off, you have the option now to click a few buttons and do cool stuff with the posts that I put up here.
There is an email link, and buttons to share this crap on your favorite social media sites like FaceBook, or Twitter, or whatever.
THEN I have added a quick reaction bar, so that with the click of mouse you can "rate" the posts that I throw up here. Kinda like a "like" button on FB but with more options and better thought out, with more options.
I did this because it makes the site I think, more interactive with less hassle. You have, now, other options than having to log into an account simply to leave a comment. Or having to highlight your url bar and copy and paste a particular post addy into an email to share it. NOPE those horribly outmoded days are long gone bros.....those days are over for EVER!
Feel free to take full advantage of this stuff. And, rest assured, Ill be ignoring you guys in all kinda new and exciting ways - ha ha ha!!t

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