Monday, July 12, 2010

Vintage pinup update week of July 12 2010

I fucking HATE high school reunions! The concept is what, Im going to take time out of my life to hang out in a smelly fucking gym with a bunch of cock sucking, mouth breathing retards who are all there to lie to each other about how cool they used to be and how well they are doing now a days. Yeah, thanx, PASS! I hated those fuckers in those days, I dont give two shits about em now. 
What does all that have to do with Vintage naked pinup girls? not much. Except to say that one or two of the girls in this weeks update used to be on the inside of my locker door. -Basically, one of the only things that made me not want to eat a bullet by 3rd period english. ( BTW hey mrs doyle, fuck off! ) Anyway, Im going to my happy place now, to chill out. while Im away you guys enjoy the goodness. Laytuh!

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