Monday, July 5, 2010

Vintage weekly pinup update July5th 2010

Although it may be a holiday for the rest of the country, never fear - cause we are at our desks, working and slaving away hour after hour, pouring through old hard drives, seeking only the finest and most titillating photos for your consideration and viewing pleasure for this weeks pinup update!
Ok, the truth? Im sitting here, having slept till nearly noon, in sweats. I have a half drunk cup of coffee and Im most likely going back to bed as soon as I can rub the sleep outta my eyes and click on whatever random shit comes up in the "vintagepinupsoldwebite" file to upload as soon as I get done typing this.
Happy Bday America! for a 234 year old, you dont look a day over 150.
Now, onto the chicas.......

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