Monday, March 30, 2009


FTW indeed..........

There has never been a better time than now to start hating. And I mean hating EVERYTHING.
Where is Hunter Thompson when we truly need him... That guys talents were lost
to a generation that neither fully understood him, nor appreciated who he
really was. His biting sarcasm and ability to cut through the obvious media
driven mouth breathing bullshit and get to the point are legendary as far
as I'm concerned. His disdain for what was "supposed" to be. What was acceptable
and what was safe, or tolerated. Maybe our last true ORIGINAL talent in
this country.
Oscar Wilde said that most peoples passions were only echoes of
something else they had heard during their lives. - Indeed, Copy cats abound and
mediocrity rules the day.

No where do I see this more than in my own selected field of toil, and that is
the automotive realm. Specifically the traditional kustom and hot rod worlds.
Not one honestly original idea exists among the throngs of would be "car builders" and
all too eager, no nothing, self appointed authorities.
Where do these people come from? What weird and sad
existence do they lead that has led them to invade my consciousness.


I don't remember posting an open casting call on some ridiculous journal or message
board for every single celled, brain dead, legally retarded jack ass to suddenly
invade my existence. And yet its happened. Surrounded by rows of fools
who couldn't begin to grasp what it is they oh so quickly claim as their own.
Johnny come latelys, ex skater brain damaged jerks, and punks who lost the
Broken copy machines, spewing forth only whats put into them.
No ability to create. Only to copy. And Copy badly. imatating a religion that was never
their own. Preaching a gospel that they will never fully understand.
Don't come to my church man. The doors are closed and we don't believe in

Its all gone wrong.

And I'm profoundly saddened by it all.

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