Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fuck me. yet another refuge from the old STOOL rods / CKD crowd.

This horrid assed piece of shit gets the award for mauled crap can of the


Found recently on Egay, whats funny (or sad) is the opening paragraph of

what the mouth breathing jackass owner/builder has to say about the

tin turd he's hocking. Read it for yourself:

1927 chrysler 210 Doctors Coupe, FAST AND FUN!!!!!!!!!
I hate to call this car a rat rod due to the dangerous and poorly executed crap people build under that name, rather it's my interpretation of what a 60's hot rod would be(with some license taken! ).
I am selling this car to take on new projects, I hate to do it and friends are telling me not to sell it, but here it is!!

you may hate to call it a rat rod, and in what laughingly passes for your fucking feeble assed mind you may actually believe the horse shit you've spewed here, but trust someone who has done this longer than you have likely been alive - WHAT YOU HAVE IS A FUCKING RATROD !! You ignorant, good for nothing, shit eating, ass clown!

I wont bore you all with the obviousness of what it is your looking at here, rather Ill simply let you soak in the pics for yourselves.

I swear to whatever invisible man in the sky it is you want to call on, this kinda shit makes me want to pop rivet someones nuts to a bulldozer.

Fucking retard!

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