Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NOT rod.............

Recently there seems to be a lot of dialog about what EXACTLY is a hot rod.   In a large sense, I suppose you could make a broad based argument that anything modified from stock, for the purposes of performance gain could be labeled a "hot rod" .  To a degree I would not oppose that philosophy.  HOWEVER, lets be perfectly fucking clear here.....what you see above and below are NOT  hotrods. they are a bad concept executed with questionable motives.  Clearly, and it dosent take a genius to figure this out, (even someone who reads the "hamb" could connect the dots here) what this person is trying to achieve is some bizarre blending of rat rod-e-ness (for lack of a better term) and poorly thought out originality by using a less than idea platform to begin with.  
Be it for shock value or, (and this is much much worse to contemplate) they actually thought this was a GOOD idea to start with.  Regardless, I dismiss these tin turds with the same alacrity I reserve for hip hop music, or inane tv shows like american idol or dancing with the stars. 
This kind of thing is NOT clever, or original, or a statement of ones independence from the czars of coolness and accepted automotive standards. By building this you simply come off looking like the moon faced, retard we all shot spit balls at in grade school. 
Enough with this kinda shit already.  Uphold the ideals behind TRADITIONAL kustom and hotrod building. Those ideals are not a straight jacket designed to restrict your creative spirit.  They are there for your own protection.  To stop you from building shit like this, and getting wads of spit soaked notebook paper stuck in your hair.  Becasue, trust me, a lot of us have graduated to far far worse things than shooting spitballs at idiots like this, who build cars like that -

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