Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Return of THE shirts..............

Well its been a while, and after careful consideration - (and more than just a little soul searching) I can tell you that yes, the long rumored often hoped for return of the shop shirts is in FACT taking place as you read this.

Admittedly, of late there has been an obvious and glaring absence in the world of me selling my own shit.  If you wanted a shop shirt you had to go to Zombies page and get his "version" of my shirt. Which is all well and good, you get the exact same art work on the back ( the front is different, as zombie puts his logo on the chest not mine ) but for all intents and purposes you get a "Tinys" shirt. Its just that it didn't come from the shop, or me, and you could be confused by having two logos on what is in fact, pretty much a proprietary shirt designed exclusively for me, and the shop.  Well that obvious and glaring absence is about to be over.  After what seems like forever I can tell you that I have been successful in my efforts to cut my self loose from a bunch of mouth breathing, leg hanging, no nothing, jerkoffs, who pretty much did everything they could to destroy the shop (and me along with it).  Indeed, we have successfully shed the sheep fuckers and are moving forward immediately. And although there is SOOO much more I want to tell you, and that you guys need to know about what happened, for now, lets just leave it at that. All those stories Im sure, will come out in time.


Proofs for the new shirts will arrive at the shop this week, with luck. Once they are approved printing in earnest will begin. Keep an eye here on this spot as your going to be seeing some changes in format, AND content as I begin the long road back to putting the shop (and by extension me) back to where it, and I should have been all along.

For now, although the blog will always exist in some for or another, plans include a full website redesign, and for my return to shows and events with a full blown vendor booth and display set up, taking place in coordination with the ever so popular (hey 2500+ subscribers cant be wrong) radio show, and a certain very cool soon to be Voodoo shop.

So, there you have it.  In short, haters and retards; eat hot death,  AND new shirts are just around the corner! Let the fun resume!

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