Monday, December 27, 2010

drinking my way into 2011

A week from now, we will be in a new year. And although this is the time of year traditionally reserved for family, and gift giving, and all things of a festive nature, you should give some consideration to the fact that in a few weeks the first of the 2011 car events will be upon us.

For the shop, and now with the radio show, we are busily working towards what exactly our show schedule will be.  And, looking at the list of possible events it's not exactly going to be an easy process...  I personally always try to reserve at least one event to attend that I don't have to "work" at, even though at this stage of the game even if I don't have a formal booth to sit at or in or on, I still wind up working to one degree or another.  The difference it seems is in how much raw alcohol I can stuff into my body and how late in the day it is before I get to start on that process.
But keeping in mind that I'm supposed to be doing something, no matter how slurred my speech gets I guess at some point I'll be working plenty of events to make it all worth while.
For now, it's my off season, and I'll take the drinks straight up, thanks.

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