Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rules for texting, and communicating with other HUMANS.

To borrow a line from a very funny comedian, I don't want to get off an a rant here, but....
Can we have a short one sided conversation about how people write these days? first off, texting etiquette... IF you have a full keyboard, STOP FUCKING USING ABBREVIATIONS FOR SHIT! if you have a qwerty keyboard on your phone, you NO LONGER get to do shit like this: seen u b4, sup?
stop typing like your from an inner city, with a 3rd grade education will ya? I understand, back in the days when we had to hit the number three twice to get an "E" it  kinda  made sense. but now, its inexcusable. Moreover you just look like a jackass. You apparently cant spell and, don't care enough to express yourself in a manner that anyone with  more than 2working  brain cells is going to take you seriously. 

Moreover, there is little to NO excuse for misspellings in posts, either on social media sites, or in emails.  I use Google chrome as my default browser and it has a NATIVE spell checker.  Misspell something, and a GIANT RED UNDERLINE SHOWS UP TO CLUE YOU INTO THE FACT THAT YOU COULDN'T SPELL CAT IF I SPOTTED YOU THE C AND THE T!   I promise you, people (including me) notice how you communicate with others.  And, rightly or wrongly they are going to make judgments about you, your education, etc etc.  We are NOT monkeys throwing shit at each other in a zoo. take just the smallest amount of time and learn how to communicate with other HUMAN BEINGS.  Im getting tired of trying to decipher grade school gibberish.  

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