Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kulture Podcast - Friction in the Static!

Naga and I have been workin REALLY hard on the new radio show.
Friction in the Static, our latest creative effort, is going to
be a weekly Kulture Podcast, covering everything from cars, to
artists, from pinups to music and magazines. Basically, everything
that has to do with TRUE kustom and atomic kulture.
Things are shaping up very nicely. Cut the billboard and teases
the last couple of nights, and the first episode tonight.
Once the show is laid down, I take it and edit it together, ad
music, or whatever we need in post - and then, send it over to
Naga where he posts it up to the site and submits it to iTunes, where
we will be available for subscription and regular downloads.
head over to the site, and check it out. The first show should be up this

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