Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jungle Pam and drag racing from the day...

Pull top STEEL beer cans,  Maui wowie, 7 second floppers. ( I mean the cars ), and the Bud man.  70's era drag racing, even late 60's drag racing was its own animal. At least from a spectators point of view.  I was thinking a lot lately about Jungle Pam and her impact on the sport as americas most uninhibited "back up girl" maybe, ever. I know, I know... there are other broads I could point to and talk about as being influential from back in the day. (think driver(s) here, specifically drivers that had a chip on her shoulders the size of a roots blower) But frankly they just were no where near as nice to look at, and were more than just a little bit of a pain in the ass to deal with.  Jungle Pam has to this day managed to keep the interest of more than a few drag racing fans. She was unpretentious, and I think, sincere- in that all she wanted to do was go out  and have a good time. Isnt that what we are supposed to be doing with our past times? Enjoying ourselves?! I care less for someone who is essentially an entertainer who forces, or tries to force some kind of social or political change on me from the grandstands, and appreciate much more, a person who honestly and frankly wants nothing more than to have a good time and unwind a bit. Anyway, enjoy some of Pams pix ... I consider myself lucky to have gotten to see her in person, in the day!

(im not "sure" this last one is of Pam, but whoever it is, let me just say; nicely done ma'am!)

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  1. Tiny, The woman in the second photograph is Barbara Ruffs next to that Dodge.
    The third picture is just a "look-a-like" that resembles Pam. Yeah nicely done!