Monday, February 21, 2011

The revolution takes shape.... TV project update.

To be a car guy of my generation was to grow up absorbing a largely mythical history.  Mythical that is in stature. Characters, artists and car builders that were legendary - even in their own day, populated a landscape rich with ingenuity and originality. Form followed function, and that function was to be as cool as humanly imaginable. Style and common sense were the currency of the day when it came to chopping a top, or frenching a set of headlights.  In that America, the good guys always won in the movies, red shirts always died on star trek, and cars made sense. The stark reality of today however, is quiet different my friends. Fueled largely it seems, by people bent on fist fucking our kulture for every penny they can get, there is a virtual cacophony of show promoters, car "builders", johnny come lately hipster wanna be artist types and, know nothing tv producers. All fighting, it seems, to be the biggest fish in the pond.  But not doing it through thoughtful construction of anything meaningful. No. These mouth breathers are catering to the lowest common denominator." Weld more barb wire to that cowl, johnny... cause if a little is good, then alot must be TV level cool". (assuming that tv level is some crap the discovery channel would churn out).  Things today seem to be getting lost in a morass of stupidity gone wild. And whats on television is no exception. In fact, its leading the way.   
With any luck, the latest project that Im taking on will serve as a jumping off point to change all that, or at the very least inspire someone to not shoot more, bigger, or any holes actually into their car in a vain attempt to show the rest of the world what a moron he is. ( or is that bad ass... I forget.) 


Portland. What an experience it was shooting there. Even though we were there during a month that at its worst in recorded history noted a cumulative total of nearly a foot of rain, the weather gods, it seemed were smiling on us, and granted us better than fair weather with which to shoot our little odyssey.  Friendly people (with the obvious exception of the jerk offs at Burnside skate park, who for the record can eat a bowl of dicks for all of me) decent cars, and more than a surprise or two, in what I found as I explored a city I thought I knew. 

It makes almost no sense to go into what it was we did shoot while we were there, because the reality is, that soon enough you will see it for yourself.  But suffice it to say, my worst fears were laid to rest. Those fears notably being that the worst elements in our kulture had begun to take over in what may well be one of the northwests most beautiful cities. 
5 days of work, and by calling on more than a few favors produced just slightly more than 141 GIGABYTES of video from which to cut a show.  Editing now is the word of the day, and after a short hicup in my post production plans (of which Ill go into in detail in the next post) The only thing lacking it seemed was music. 

Music it has been said, is the river in which our lives flow. I have been told by older, much wiser men than myself, to never trust someone who doesn't listen to music. How then, can you do a creative project without that magical component that at its best blends elements together, and helps to make sense of whatever it is your doing. The short answer is; you cant.  So all along this process in the back of mind I knew I needed a band to work with. Someone that can provide the spiritual backbone to what it was I am doing. 
It turns out I didnt have to look far. In fact, they were right in front of me. LITERALLY. My first friday night in town Dex and I went to Duffs, and playing that night at the bar was a band that certainly fit the bill. I give you, the Twangshifters. Frankly I was blown away by what they had going on. It was more than obvious that somehow, I had to get them on board with the show. (or at least get their permission to use some of their music)  So, after introductions we decided to meet up later in the week.  That Wednesday we had a very productive lunch with Sean, Sara and Ruby, in which we laid the plans to divide and conquer the western world. And more importantly I had an awesome band and a fitting soundtrack to go along with the video we were shooting.  Taylor made rockabilly goodness provided by a band and a group of people that "get it". You couldn't ask for anything more.  

By that Saturday we had wrapped principal photography, and Monday morning I was headed to the editing facility to begin work on the final phase of creating this thing. . . But as with so many things in life, what seemingly would or should be the most straight forward and easy tasks sometimes get to be the biggest stumbling blocks. Next time, business 101....... (or hey, maybe just return my phone calls, Eugene). 

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