Monday, February 7, 2011

Like a one legged cat in shit coverin contest. . .

When I was just a little boy, I remember we had an old crusty neighbor. Seasoned I guess you would call him now a days. To me his leathery skin and sandpaper rough dialog was evidence of his having lived life in a different way than my dad, or most men I knew at that time in my life. He virtually reeked of asian hookers and cordite, even at his advance age. 
Maybe the thing I remember about our neighbor the most though was this......... he had the most colorful sayings I had ever heard. One of my favorites I use to this day when I am just as busy as I can be is this one: "Im as busy as a one legged cat in a shit coverin contest on a concrete floor".  You just dont hear wisdom like that these days. But, given the events of the last couple of weeks, it certainly applies to me now. I have been extra busy with a couple different projects, and to that end I have ignored the blog. Sorry about that. This week though I will MORE than make up for any absence of late. pinup update tomorrow, and by the end of the week, maybe the biggest news Ive ever announced.  What could it possibly be? well, Im not coming out, so all you fans of mine that are of a alternative lifestyle put the lube and mesh underware away. I still love the pussy. 
Well that, and a correctly prepared cocktail. And there is always time for those two things no matter HOW busy I get! 

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