Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, I saw Sherlock Holmes with Bruder this weekend.
And let me say first and foremost, for any and all misgivings I may have had prior to sitting down in the theatre - they have all been laid to rest. I should've known that Guy Ritchie would deliver at least a watchable film, if not an actual cool hip flick. He certainly delivers with Downey Jr. doing what I thought was a great version of his Holmes. Granted, this isnt your fathers version of the Doyle favorite. But, if you go with a bit of an open mind, and an eye towards a new telling of the worlds greatest detective, I think you will really enjoy the thing. What kinda surprised me is that this is actually a really beautifully shot flick. What the DP did, was I think, exactly what this movie needed. If your looking for a movie to see over the holiday week, skip the blue alien flick, and go see a good old fashioned DOWN TO EARTH mystery.

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