Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Titus bros

correct kustoms, done nicely. Why is it that no one seemingly bothers to pay any attention to work that has been done in the past to help them build decent acceptable cars now? You know, for the life of me, I dont see anything here in these pictures that says "ratrod" - those fucking cars have no legacy except that of shoddy workmanship done by lazy, no talent hacks. Recently glorified in equally badly done magazines such as "rebel rodz" and the like. Learn from the past, take your styling cues from builders who actually built something that was worth reaffirming. Dont drink the "Im badder than you and I can prove it by building an even shittier car" Koolaid. The guy that is more concerned about how many tats he has, or how cool his barbwire grill insert looks in his bullet ridden Abone radiator shell isnt worth pissing on to put out if he was on fire in front of you, and begging for his miserable life. The Titus bros did some great stuff. I bet half the guys that have memorized every asinine episode of "monster garage" dont even know they existed.

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