Wednesday, December 9, 2009

....Its that time again! new / old pinups.

The chevy was mine...the ford was cornfeds....
One of my fav models from the day, Melissa - lots of potential, but I never got to shoot her the way I really wanted too.
A vintage shot, with no silicone to be seen anywhere...

Lisa was another great model. This shot was taken back when I lived in the Az. She was a stripper that had recently moved from Seattle. When we would do shoots, she would have her husband hold a full length mirror behind me, so that she could see exactly how she looked from my perspective. Strippers live their whole lives in front of mirrors, so I assume she knew exactly how it was she wanted to appear, and she always made adjustments to her pose - another girl that had tons and tons of potential, but no drive to do anything cool.

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